Certificate of appreciation by THE LADAKH HILL DEVELOPMENT COUNCIL for promoting Ladakh as a tourist destination. (2009)


Certificate of appriciation by J& K TOURISM for promoting Ladakh in Winter. (2010)


Honored by Chairman of Hill Development CouncilMr. Rikzin Spalbar on the ceremonial occasion of Atmaram Parab’s 100th visit to Ladakh.


Speech By Mr. Spalbar – Chairman Of Ladakh Hill Development Counsel On The Occasion Of 100th Visit Of Mr Atmaram Parab To LADAKH

THE LADAKH HILL DEVELOPMENT COUNCIL Mr. Rikzin Spalbar and J& K TOURISM Mr. Mir honored Isha Tours by a certificate of appreciation during Ladakh Festival and addressed Atmaram Parab as “ TRUE FRIEND OF LADAKH”.



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