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  • North east India refers to the eastern most region of India, consisting of the contiguous Seven Sister States. They are ethnically distinct from the other states of India. Linguistically the region is distinguished by a preponderance of Tibeto-Burmen languages.
    The Seven Sisters comprise of Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Meghalaya, Manipur, Mizoram, Nagaland and Tripura. There is great ethnic and religious diversity within these Seven States.
    The sobriquete, ‘Land of Seven Sisters’ had been originally coined, coinciding with the inauguration of the new states in January 1972.
    North East, the compact geographical unit is isolated from the rest of India except through the small’ Siliguri Corridor’. Assam is the gateway through which the Seven Sisters are connected to the mainland.
    To provide a forum for collaboration towards common objectives the Indian Government established The North Eastern Council in 1971.
    The Council has enabled the seven Sister states to work together on numerous matters, including the provision of Education facilities and Electricity supply to the region.
    Deemed as ‘Paradise Unexplored’ North India is a region with suave Hills, carpeted with greenery that makes it one of the favourite holiday destinations in India. It lies deep in the lap of easternmost Himalayan Hills. It is home to a varied number of tribal groups ( almost 166 ) Each tribe has its own distinct culture, giving them a unique cultural identity. Numerous art forms and festivals of the region are an intrinsic part of its culture and tradition.
    We at IshaTours have designed this North East tour covering only 3 states at a time as covering all seven states at a time increases the no. of days to 20-25, making the tour a lengthy one and very expensive one too.

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